Virtual team assignment: making contact


On Monday, myself and a fellow student (Toni) received our group details for our virtual team assignment. Together with four American students and two French students, we will be creating instructions for a collaborative technology. 

Myself and T were eager to jump right in, and introduced ourselves to each other on Monday, and to the rest of the group on Tuesday morning. Thankfully, we received very swift replies from the French students, who both seem very excited about the project. Unfortunately, as of Saturday 4th, we have not heard back from any of the American students. While it’s frustrating that we can’t get settled on a topic just yet, we’re staying hopeful that things are just off to a slow start and everything will come together early next week. 

Wanting some form of structure, I went ahead and created a Facebook group and sent the link to all my team members. Facebook was the common choice among ourselves and the French students, so I’m hoping the American students are on board with the group. Having used Facebook for group projects and presentations during my four undergraduate years, I find it the quickest way to contact everyone. It’s also useful for uploading and updating documents. Privacy is of course the biggest concern, however, the group will be set to secret (only the people in the group will even be able to see it exists), and members don’t need to be friends with each other on the website to be in the group. 

Here’s hoping Week 3 brings more progression. We have a lot to get going with: 

  • Hopefully we will hear from the American students
  • We have a tentative topic, but of course want input from everyone first
  • We have to decide on American vs British spelling. The French students have no preference so it’s likely to be a coin toss.
  • We also have to decide on how we will split the work. I have some reservations about splitting it into too many parts (group leader, writer, graphics, etc) as I’m not sure the work load would end up entirely even. We’ll have to see.

That’s it for Week 2. I felt uneasy about this project when it was first issued, and it has been frustrating so far. However, as technical writers/instructional designers, it won’t be uncommon to work on international projects and have to deal with all the obstacles that come with that. 



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