Virtual team assignment: rallying the troops


We’re nearing the end of week 3 and things are moving along, albeit slowly.

As of this evening (Thursday 9th), we have had contact with 2 of the 4 American students. Unfortunately it’s been hard to get input even from the students who have made contact, so Toni and I have had to power ahead with help from the French students, Didier and Nicolas. They have both been far more involved at this stage than I would have expected, so that’s a positive! 

We have done our best to reach out to all team members. While we are going ahead with making decisions, we are keeping everyone updated via email. We are also documenting everything on Facebook, and have posted on Sulis to cover all our communication bases. It would be great to have everything confined to one communication method, but it’s not feasible right now as we don’t have all the team together in one place. Hopefully by the weekend we can work through Facebook alone!

Toni and I have sort of naturally navigated towards a joint leadership role within the team, as we take turns passing on information to the others. We have chosen Google Slides as our topic and have tentatively assigned roles to everyone on the team as follows:

Toni – Instructions  for creating and editing slides
Nicola – Instructions for importing slides, and sharing slides with others 
Jerel – Sourcing of screenshots/graphics
Robert – Instructions for commenting on slides, and downloading slides as a PowerPoint 
Candace – Editing/ensuring consistency across instructions
Caroline – Proofreading 

I have created a Google Doc, which we can all contribute to and edit. Google Docs has limited design options though, so the document will need to be fixed up in Microsoft Word later on. I’m enjoying the process of writing the instructions (guess I’m in the right MA, hey?), and looking forward to seeing our finished product! 


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