Virtual Team Assignment: All’s well that ends well


At the start of the week, I found myself getting very frustrated about the lack of collaboration within the group. It’s really annoying to feel like you are constantly yelling (well, typing) into a void.

A couple of people reminded me, however, that on the larger scale of things, this assignment is not worth a huge amount and I calmed down and started trying to let it all wash over me. Sure, I care a great deal about my grades, and always want to put forward my best, but at the end of the day, we have a perfectly lovely looking document, even if the group work wasn’t smooth sailing.

The document is heading for translation tomorrow, Monday 20th. This week was pretty busy as we tried to get everything consistent to hopefully make the translation easier on our French counterparts. We also wanted to have the images and icons sorted, so that the French students could offer their input.

Everyone eventually got in contact this week. The workload has certainly not been evenly distributed, however. Toni and myself had most of the document put together at the start of the week.

One of the American students, Caroline, was very eager to get stuck in this week, which was great. She worked on both writing instructions, and proofreading. She had some good ideas about presentation which made me see the benefit of having several heads working together. It definitely would have been cool to have all 6 of us working together, as you can never have too many perspectives. 

Another one of the American students offered some input this week, and worked on the glossary of terms. The other two students have given little or no input, really. It’s a shame, but they really came on board too late. We tasked one of the students with proofreading, however she came back saying she found nothing wrong with our unedited document. As we all know, there is always something wrong! The document had not been edited or proofread at all at that point, and we made plenty of changes going through it afterwards. This just goes to show that we are working from different bases, and I guess not everyone is engaged with the assignment. 

So that’s week four. Our document looks good, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Nicolas and Didier think!




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