Whoa, we’re halfway there (kind of…)

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I know that every week I express my astonishment that another week has passed, but seriously, we’re heading into week 7? Seriously?  This is my 10th and final semester of university, and it’s flying by!

I have no news to share re: virtual team assignment. We’ve heard nothing from the French students since we passed it over to them on the 20th. I’m going to continue working under the “no news is good news” school of thought, and not worry about it.

Here’s a round up of how everything else is going:

TW5212 Workplace Issues in Technical and Professional Communication
I’ve been tipping away at our XML/CSS assignment. I’ve been looking forward to learning XML since last semester, as I know it’s a requirement for any technical writing position these days. I like it- there’s something very comforting about knowing that x does y. It’s a change of pace for me as a former English major, but I LOVE learning these new technical skills. There’s such a buzz in inputting all this code and something actually appearing on the screen! Even if it’s hideous! Other than the trustworthy w3schools website, I’ve been using CSS Tricks for examples.

I’ve also sorted my interviewee for the interview assignment, so that’s another massive relief. I’m meeting with him on March 28th, so need to get my questions in order soon. I’m looking forward to actually carrying out the interview, but securing someone was stressful and a little awkward. That’s all part of the process I guess!

EL6072 – Interactive Courseware Workshop 

We had our Dreamweaver/Flash workshop on Wednesday, and I’m so glad I went! I went home and repeated the process on Animate CC and it’s pretty easy to work with. I haven’t tried anything fancy yet, but if you ever need to make yellow circles bounce up and down the screen, I’m your woman.

I’ve also been working on my proposal for our digital learning resource. I’m creating a resource that will teach older people (or those with lower digital skills) how to keep themselves save online, by learning to recognise fraudulent content. I’m really enjoying the topic, which in a way might be a bad thing, as I keep getting distracted with news articles as I’m doing my research! My next task on that is to put together some interface designs, but I’ll certainly be employing the KISS principle on this one.

EL6052 – E-Learning Theories and Principles 

I’m still enjoying the Twitter assignment, and it’s great to see everyone else getting so involved. My only issue is that I actively use my own personal Twitter, and constantly have to double check which one I’m on before I Retweet something!

We have a digital literacy assignment due today, and it was quite interesting to think about all the skills I don’t have, or could certainly do with improving. I consider myself a ‘digital native’ in many ways, but so often the simple skills can be overlooked. I chose to focus on ‘open practice’, ‘revision of work’, and ‘searching online’, all of which are relevant and useful to my degree and my future career.

RM6011 – Research Methodologies in Applied Language Studies

I received provisional approval on my ethics application today. I need to tweak a few things, and then I can send it back for final approval. I’m trying to somehow put together my survey to have it ready to go once I receive approval, but there seriously are not enough hours in the day!

To conclude, I’m busy but hey, I’m learning!


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