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It’s Week 8 and we are so busy!

I found week 7 to be the most challenging of the MA so far. On Friday, I submitted both my XML assignment, and my proposal for the EL6072 assignment.  The next morning I escaped to Amsterdam for a couple of days, for a well needed break. Having spent the weekend wandering the beautiful streets and eating an absurd amount of pancakes, I’m happy to be back in Limerick feeling mentally refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester. I tried to write this post from the WordPress android app while I was away, but while it’s great for seeing an overview stats/comments/etc., I couldn’t get it to cooperate when I tried to format the post. Need to spend a little more time with it!

TW5212 Workplace Issues in Technical and Professional Communication 

The XML/CSS assignment felt like a huge achievement. I could have spent another two weeks messing around with it and learning more complicated CSS,  but I’m happy with the outcome. My biggest problem (as usual!) was coming up with a topic, and I drove myself demented by constantly changing my mind. In the end I went with something very relevant to my studies right now – attributing images on a blog!

I spent a lot of time looking through the Creative Commons website. I’m glad I chose this topic as I learned a lot about the different types of licenses, mainly the difference between Royalty Free (you purchase a license once and use according to those terms), Creative Commons (there are lots of CC licenses, and a great way for artists to have control over their work while still sharing it) and Public Domain (no restrictions or copyright, but still always a good idea to read the terms). I still have a lot of research to do to understand these licenses fully, but I find Techopedia great for straight-forward explanations. I feel this is invaluable knowledge, especially as I plan on using vector images for my summer project.

EL6072 Interactive Courseware Workshop 

I got off to a rocky start with the proposal for the digital learning resource, but felt much more confident after getting really helpful feedback from Ann on my draft.

I am honestly amazed at how much I have learned since September. When I created interface designs for EL6041 last semester, I spent hours upon hours clobbering something together between Microsoft Paint and Word. They looked OK, but the proportions were off, nothing seemed aligned, they became fuzzy when resized, and they were so stressful to make. This semester, I have learned some basic tools on Adobe Illustrator and the difference is amazing! I still spent quite a lot of time on them, but I was getting faster the whole time, and they looked a lot more polished and professional. And there was practically no stress!

The real challenge will come when I try to actually create any of this in Animate and Dreamweaver but let’s just cross one bridge at a time!

I have a lot on the agenda for the rest of Week 8. The French students are just about finished their translation for the virtual team assignment for EL6082, so we will be spending some time ensuring everything is consistent. I am also eager to get ready for my TW5212 interview, as my interviewee would like to see the questions ahead of time.



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