Software limitations and frustrations


I would like to learn all the software and create all the pretty things, however real life doesn’t quite work that way. I have spent a lot of this weekend researching the various software applications available for creating e-learning content. I feel I need to make a decision now, as I am creating a digital resource for EL6072, and it makes sense to learning the software that I will ultimately create my summer project with. However, is that the right decision?

My original target was to use a combination of Dreamweaver CC and Animate CC to create my courses.
Pros? Both come with Adobe Creative Cloud, which costs a meager €20 a month. The cloud comes with many other applications I am excited to learn, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have already committed to this license, and have all the apps ready-to-go on my laptop. I have been enjoying using Illustrator for my interface designs for EL6072.
Cons? They are unfortunately not the technologies of the future. I realised today, when I went to play a Flash game (to get an idea of the capabilities), that Google Chrome disables Flash by default. That is a worrying trend.
Thoughts? I read this blog post on about how much more flexible Animate CC is than its past incarnations. It seems that being compatible with a HtML5 Canvas is a must these days, and if I can optimise my course for that (as my preliminary research shows), it may be more accessible across different browsers. There seem to be plenty of tutorials online showing how to convert Action Script 3.0 to HTML5. It has also become apparent to me that nobody on the internet agrees. Across independent blogs and discussion forums, there seem to be many people against the idea of Animate CC, but just as many rooting for it.

The other obvious choices are Storyline Articulate and Adobe Captivate. Both are rapid authoring tools, and classmates have reported good experiences with Articulate. Unfortunately, both come with a hefty price tag that I can’t reach. I am now considering perhaps downloading the Articulate Trial to learn the ropes and perhaps create my EL6072 resource, but ultimately Animate/Dreamweaver appears to be the path I am on for my summer project. I think it’s important to factor in the fact that we are heading into Week 9, and I have many other assignments to complete alongside the EL6072 resource.


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