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We received our grade for the Virtual Team Assignment on Friday and I’m so happy! We really did put a lot of work into it, and the ‘team’ part was an uphill battle. It’s nice to know that working hard despite the obstacles actually does pay off. This assignment has taught me a lot about my own levels of patience, and how I interact with others online.

We talk a lot about how we present ourselves online, and this assignment has taught me to carefully consider my words. Every time I sat down to reply to our team’s Facebook group, I would ask myself:

Am I taking on board what the other person has said?
Is the tone of my reply friendly, or antagonistic?
Am I using clear language, or making assumptions about the other person’s knowledge?

I practiced this when trying to motivate our group to work together. There is a fine line between making suggestions, and trying to control other people. I found this article about managing virtual teams useful for the future. 

In other news, I got my proposal in! This was a tricky one. On one hand, it was a pass/fail module and therefore theoretically, not as worrying as our (many!) other assignments. However, whether something is worth 5% or 80%, I have a tendency to pour over it in an attempt to perfect it. This proposal was a valuable lesson for me in managing my time and knowing when something is good enough. As technical communication students, we may have a tendency to go over writing again and again, knowing that something can always be improved. However, this is a busy semester and learning to prioritise is vital. My proposal was longer than I anticipated, and the amount of appendices (survey and interview questions, ethics sheets) pushed it into crazy territory! However, as Darina mentioned in class today, the more work we put in now, the easier our summer project will be to tackle. 

Nonetheless, it’s in and I move forward to finishing our final 4 weeks. 


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