Virtual Team Assignment: Powering ahead


Week 4. Ahhhh! 

It has now been exactly two weeks since we received our groupings for this assignment. As of Monday 13th February, we have 7 out of 8 group members “on board”. We have yet to hear word from the 8th member.

At this point, myself and Toni have written almost the entire document. I’ve left spaces with headings for the others, but they haven’t been filled in yet. Being honest, I could write them myself in the time I spend sending emails and updating the Facebook page.  I had allocated the image sourcing to one of the American team members. However, time is ticking by so I’ve begun to gather the screenshots myself. Perhaps this is the wrong way to go about it, but I see no other choice. It’s too stressful and we are too busy with all our other commitments to just leave it on the hope that it will be done. We have tried waiting. We have reached out over and over. We’ve been patient, offered help with communication methods, juggled email/Facebook/Sulis, left the roles within the group very flexible. But it hasn’t worked. So here we are.

One of the American students appears to be working on some instructions for tomorrow, so it’s great to have someone else on board. She also seems agreeable to helping with the proofreading. I posted a light deadline of Friday on Facebook this evening, because while the weeks are difficult enough, the weekends are even worse communication-wise!

It’s disappointing, as this could have been a fun project. With everyone collaborating, there would really be very little work for each of us to do. Instead, I’m left with a rather bitter taste in my mouth and far too many negative feelings.  And yet, being the hopelessly forgiving person I am, I’m still hoping things turn around in the next… 6 days.