Interviews, interviews, interviews

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We’re coming to the end of week 9 (I think, who can even keep track anymore?) and I’ve been spending a lot of time interviewing people! I’m really starting to see how beneficial these experiences are. At first, I was a little apprehensive about carrying out the interviews, but it was great to step out of my comfort zone a little, and I think so far they have been a success! Technical writers obviously spend a lot of time communicating with subject matter experts, so it’s an important skill to practice. 

This week I had my interviews for my RM6011 proposal, in which I propose an online resource for UL students. I interviewed a staff member from the library, and a staff member from the Writing Centre. I am still amazed and so grateful that people are willing to give their time to help me in my studies. Both interviews went great, and I came away with a lot more clarity around some things (and a lot of questions about others!). I’m looking forward to processing the interviews as I write up my proposal. When I recorded my usability tests last semester, I didn’t fully trust my phone’s recording app. This time around, I used an app called Voice Recorder, and I was very happy with. I was able to easily upload the recordings to Google Drive straight from the app. 

As a result of the interviews, I’ve started thinking a lot more about how I might present my lessons. This is mostly summer’s problem, but I guess there’s no harm in considering it now. While I already anticipate using Dreamweaver and Animate CC, I’ve started looking at options such as screencasting (e.g. Screencast-O-Matic) and video animation software (e.g. Moovly)for some parts. Based on my audience survey, interactivity is going to be key. 

My interviewing days aren’t over yet! On Tuesday, I am taking a field trip over to Mary I to interview an educational technologist for TW5212. I have all my questions ready to go, and I have sent them over to the interviewee so he can have some time to consider them beforehand. Other than the fact that I’m obviously going to get lost in Mary I, the interview should be a fantastic experience! 

Now, hurry up Easter  🙂 



Virtual team assignment: submission time


On Monday, we said goodbye to our virtual team assignment!

In the end, despite all my hopeful thinking at the beginning, I would say we had engagement from 1 of the 4 American students. Those aren’t very impressive numbers, but I’ve learned from this experience that I can’t expect everyone to prioritize work in the same way. I was lucky to have Toni on board! She copied and pasted all our Facebook messages onto documents for Sulis, as in the end I don’t think any  communication took place on there. The French students were thankfully very involved, and finished their translation with very little trouble.

With everything said and done, I believe Toni, Caroline and myself managed the assignment pretty well. While we always kept the others in the loop, we ensured that we were picking up any work that was leftover. I found that towards the end, the updating of the document got a little confusing. We were uploading new versions of the Word document and sometimes were unsure which was the most up to date version. I don’t know the best way this could have been managed… perhaps by just one person carrying out the edits? Or emailing documents may have been more beneficial at this point. I liked that we waited for each others opinion on making changes at the end and were able to talk through them logically, without wasting time.

So, I now know nearly everything there is to know about Google Slides! I had used it for group projects before, but there were loads of features I hadn’t seen before. For example, I think it’s pretty handy that you can search for images from within the app, and even filter through them (see image 1).

searching for image
Image 1

Another assignment ticked off the list… hard to believe we only have around 5 weeks left!